Rails CMS in 2 days...Sorta

So, unsatisfied with the various options for a CMS I built one myself. Why? Primarily because existing CMS’s either were too light (ie, no really easy model building or customization) or too heavy (Refinery is awesome, but not really optimal for affiliate sites).

With this in mind I constructed one myself, with the goal being to make a simple and usable system with basic administration (one user, simple schema, email based password reset) and the ability to adapt to new data models quickly. It also has verified email comments on blog posts, basic options sets and Ruby ReCaptcha for all forms.

The funny thing is, I built it and what I ended up with wasn’t really a CMS anymore…it is an affiliate review site platform. Well, it works and works very well, especially now that I’m using MemCache to cache query-intensive data on Heroku (read about that here).

Good stuff and the first one of many sites is about to go live. I’m looking forward to seeing how it does :)